"Development and design of sensor system components for laser material processing"
Our Strengths

Over 15 years of know-how
For 15 years we've been working on the development of devices for monitoring and regulating the piercing process for high power laser cutting appllications deal with the monitoring and active control of the piercing process in laser cutting. Our incentive is to receive stable, fast & reproducable active regulations for the different materials.

Analysis by custom-made devices for the individual applications.
The outstanding status of our technological solutions is their extreme close reference to the industrial practice. To provide our customers with the optimal solution, we focus entirely on their requirements.
We calculate and design individual solutions for the the particular application. We are able to integrate our devices into existent cutting machines.

Our Philosophy

Close cooperation with machine manufacturers
The proximity to our customers allows for the best possible integration into cutting machines and leads to customized solutions for active process control.

Urge for innovation in the field of sensor systems for cutting machines
The spirit of research and development enables us to constantly design new measurement and control systems for the cutting process.