Company history

From the Applications Lab at A.L.L. Lasersysteme

The A.L.L. Lasersysteme GmbH was emerged from the A.L.L. Lasertechnik GmbH, with whom we still have an intimate working relationship.

The A.L.L. Lasertechnik GmbH was founded in 1977 under the name „Applications Lab for Laser technology“. During the early years of industrial laser applications the focus was mainly on trialling and process development in laser cutting and welding with CO2 lasers.

1994 saw the splitting of the company into two independent sister companies: The A.L.L. Lasertechnik specialises in laser and water-jet cutting as a service; The ALL Lasersysteme specialises in process and state monitoring in laser cutting applications, and over the past twenty years has placed more than 6000 systems world wide.

The goals that drive us forward: to automate and optimise operational processes, to instigate innovation, to develop new, customer-specific solutions, and to continually optimise existing products.



Company History

  • 1994
    Founding of A.L.L. Lasersysteme e.K.
  • 1995
    market introduction LPM Version 3 for CO2 applications
  • 1997
    100 devices in the field Europe-wide
  • 2001
    500 devices in the field world-wide
  • 2006
    market introduction LPM Version 4 for CO2 applications
  • 2008
    Grouping of LPM related activities in the new founded company A.L.L. Lasersysteme GmbH
  • 2011
    market introduction LPM Version 4 for fiber & diode applications
  • 2015
    5000 devices in the field world-wide
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