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Easy Integration
Connect our devices to your machines by I/O or EtherCAT
Regulated processes
Automate your processes with our technology
Online monitoring
Get to know about the status of your components


We offer specific solutions for the laser material processing

Welcome to A.L.L. Lasersysteme, a leading manufacturer of sensor technology and feedback control technologies for industrial laser material processing.

We rely on our profound expertise and many years of experience to develop high-quality solutions for machine and plant builders who need to flexibly adapt to their requirements. Our product range centres on process sensors for laser drilling and laser cutting. Our robust and durable devices have been successfully deployed by our customers world wide for decades. Advantages include:

  • Active piercing regulation
  • Qualification of the cutting processes
  • Cut loss detection and re-start of laser cutting processes
  • Monitoring of optical components
  • Control of laser sources
  • Focus position measurement
  • Automatic nozzle centering
  • Edge detection and workpiece placement
  • Customer-specific solutions
Our experience is your advantage!
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